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what you'll find. [dog barks] announcer: available now in the app store. >> martha: a quilt or quilted project is a work of art. to accomplish the look you want for your completed quilt, you will need to spend some time in planning the whole project, from fabrics to construction. ribbons and buttons are favorites on some quilts. i absolutely love the details of sewing, not just for quilting. i'm so thrilled that you are joining me in my sewing room today. let's create some sewing art. >> female announcer: funding for martha's sewing room is made possible by: and sew beautiful magazine. [whimsical classical music] ♪ >> martha: i absolutely love this beautiful, beautiful table runner. the technique is spiral patchwork. and one of the most wonderful things about this table runner is how quick, fast, and easy it is. you're going to love this idea. okay, the spiral patchwork can be used with all different kinds of fabrics, but one of my favorites is to use a stripe. now, i like bias, so we're gonna have this spiral patchwork with a very special technique. it is going to end up being a bia
on the ground treating thousands of patients, revealing the symptoms tonight. abc's martha raddatz standing by in the region. yosemite on fire. our team inside the park tonight. how close are the flames to sites. a major city, that fire threatening power and water. remember the dream. tonight the march to washington 50 years after the reverend martin luther king made that dream first. how his "i have a dream" speech is being kept alive. and an american voice silenced. ♪ you're no good, baby you're no good ♪ >> singer linda rostadt revealed, the condition that has stolen her voice. >>> good evening, great to have you with us on a saturday night. we begin with that growing urgency over syria. american warships being repositioned, what is coming next? president obama in a rare white house meeting with his national security advisors today. this prompted the meeting. growing proof that chemical weapons might have been used to kill more than 1,000 in syria, among them so many children. tonight volunteers, doctors without borders, inside syria, treating patients. now revealing the symptoms the
close to the end. martha doing business as as a limited live performance on 2728 street. >>? a new operator that's taken over the mission landmark. and was over and over music and holding fundraiser, however, since is patriarch passed away they want to utilize the space. it's a little bit confusing and the station has some concerns regarding other permits you'll find in our packet a lot of support. we received one letter of opposition if you can't find it i have it here >> i don't understand we gave sanchez a permit they're bringing in a vendor to operate the kitchen and why are we issuing a new permit. because - >> because if the restaurants the registered business for that location is a new business and it triggers a new business. >> so the restaurants is registering. >> so in other words, it's not that the sanchez people kept it to operate the kitchen they actually sold the business but are going to stay on to operate the entertainment. >> it's their building. >> they sold the business but not the building. >> thank you for clarifying that. >> you're welcome to address t
might soon be involved. abc's martha raddatz in the region on what it was the president said. >> reporter: these are the images that have had the white house huddled in marathon meetings. the suspected chemical attack, syrian women, children, estimates ranging upward of 1,000 killed. >> what we've seen indicates this is clearly a big event of grave concern. >> reporter: speaking to cnn, the president raising the stakes. >> that starts getting to some core national interests that the united states has. >> reporter: syria's chaos. its chemical weapons and its breeding of terror, a threat to the entire region and our key ally, israel. all of which could mean a threat to america. on the table, everything from missile strikes, on down to the formal arming of the rebels, which america has committed to, but still has not done. but those images of the suspected attack and that stunning milestone of a million children fleeing their homes has nations across the globe saying now is the time to act. david, the president does not want to go to war with syria. america does not want to go t
for the "side show." president obama back in washington, of course, after taking a week off in martha's vineyard. and the "late show's" david letterman commemorated with this video last night. >> let's put together a segment about memorable presidential vacations. and we've got it for you tonight, memorable presidential vacations throughout the year. i hope you enjoy this. ♪ >> wow. now i see why he had the big hat. >> well, the president also introduced the newest member of his family and another portuguese water dog named sonny. almost every president has had a pet. there's only been one first dog who has lived in the white house under two different presidents. spotty and then had the good fortune to return again with george w. bush when he became president in 2001. so two presidents for that dog. however, the most famous by far of all the dogs in the white house is fala, the scottish terrier. mgm even made a movie about him called fala at hyde park in technicolor. it's over near the tidal basin. and that's something for sunny, of course, to aspire to. look at that big dog. that's "hardball"
on every first lady from arthur working to and. tonight, -- martha washington. tonight we focus on frances cleveland. >> frances cleveland was a celebrity first later unlike any before her.and the mass production of her image to sell a bride of goods by the consumer industry angered her and her
's office, paul henderson, deputy chief of staff for mayor lee presenting the awards on behalf of martha coen who is the supervisor for district ten. >> thank you guys all so much for coming out. it always makes me so happy when i see the people from the community here in the city haul sharing in this public building and it makes me proud when i look out and i hear the stories today and meet the people. i don't know if any of you guys caught it this morning, but they were talking about the hero awards today on npr. and they were talking about the achievements that are happening right here in san francisco and to be able to look out and see the faces of the people that are the heroes that work and live among us, and it really makes me proud and it really is what public service is about. and it is only exacerbated by the fact that we have city employees that have done such an outstanding job and it makes me proud and i am happy to see all of you and thank you for being here and welcome. >> i am here and pleased to present the certificates of honor on behalf of supervisor coen who is the su
"this week" tomorrow for the latest on the situation in syria. martha raddatz will be anchoring live from the region. >>> meanwhile, the president spent the friday pushing his new education reform proposal. one of his stops, a town hall in binghamton, new york. among the president's proposals, reducing college costs for students and cutting law school from three years to two years. >>> vice president joe biden joined the president on his bus tour. and he made his first public comments about his son's health scare. beau biden was treated at a cancer center in houston this week, after experiencing weakness and disorientation. he was released on thursday. but very little has been said about what might be wrong there. speaking in his hometown of scranton on friday, biden assured everyone that beau was doing well. >> i just want you all to know, since so many of you have asked me about my son, not only good to be here. but good at home in delaware. my son, beau's, fine. >> beau biden suffered a stroke in 2010. and vice president biden had surgery for an aneurysm back in 1988. >>> music le
and martha, presumably, not in that order. [laughter] he presumed he was going to lose everything. when jefferson gets around to writing the famous words, our lives, our fortune, and our sacred honor. they sounded pretty rhetorical. hey, they were for real. it was everything. it was all in. you had to be willing to do that, and he was willing. later in 1779, a british frigot comes up the river, and they say, i'm going to send out a skiff with fruit and presents to appease the british captain. he does that. the captain says, hey, man, i'm just fishing for herriing. [laughter] i have no evil intentions. he does not even know this is mount vernon. lund washington sends a report of this to george sort of proud he defended the homestead, and washington writes back and says i'm extremely distressed at what you have told me. you have sullied my honor. if it happens again, let me burn it to the ground. these are the kinds of guys we're talking about here, okay? there is a special quality to the particular crisis that generates a level of leadership, not just in virginia, but beyond. by the way,
comes from martha in maine. >> caller: hello. thanks again for the wonderful three hours. it's an honor to talk to a journalist who writes history. i have become ensconced in my history reading, and this summer i'm reading nathaniel show barracks bunker hill. as still can't believe washington train during the french and indian war and ended up working with general gage. when general washington was appointed for our american revolutionary war fiske's -- here he is in boston. washington is going in and general gage is retreating with the american revolution. i'm just amazed at all of this. >> host: martha, to you have a question? >> caller: i want to ask about all these soldiers that are hesitant to fire the first shot. apparently at lexington there was this hesitancy, and it makes me think of fort sumter and the civil war. nobody wants to fire the first shot. >> guest: well, there were plenty of shots fired in world war ii. there was a book that was published after the war debt estimated that a substantial number of soldiers in combat never fired a shot, that as many as -- i can remember
, a terrifying thriller, and the story of the man who taught bruce martha shade has a preview of this week's new releases in now showing. >> reporter: based on the first installment of fantasy novels she realizes that she is a shadow warrior. she goes on a quest to find her mid missing mother. and also, a quest to have large amounts of of all in this science-fiction comedy they understand that there is a drinking feet with this familiar british comedic too low. the world's end is critical to our "and als, the it is ready -- it is rated e movie is rated r. and finally, meet mama with influential teacher. who even talk bruce lee talke taugh >> pam: it breaking news out of san francisco. the san francisco agency headquarters evacuated. this is aerial footage courtesy of our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. this hayward house is full of smoke that appears that they have a handle on this situation. they are in this area and at this time it is mostly extinguished. we will be back. [ male announcer ] with at&t, you're sure to get a better bundle. just choose the 2, 3, even 4 services you want to
of martin luther king junior's moran washington. it was on that day of the martha king gave his famous i have a dream speech. they hope the event will inspire people to educate themselves about modern day civil rights. >>> new this morning the president talked about helping middle class americans pay for higher education. >> students and families and taxpayers can't just keep paying for college costs that keep going up and up. not when the average student now graduates with $26,000 in debt. >> he is proposing rating colleges to make sure they keep tuition costs down and then asking that schools test out low cost approaches such as more online courses. >> people in san francisco with questions about health care reform in the coming changes to insurance are invited to a free education event today. the affordable care act day is happening later this morning in the city's bayview district. the event is designed to raise awareness about recent changes in health care, often referred to as obama care. the event runs from ten this morning until two at the ymca. >>> delta is issuing a warning
are showing encore presentations of "first ladies" on season one. programs on every first lady from martha washington to ida mckinley. tonight's program focuses on the life of caroline harrison.  >> caroline scott harrison was born in 1832 where she met benjamin harrison. she grew into an accomplished artist, interested in women's issues. although the harrison presidency has been rated as fairly unsuccessful by some historians, those who tracked first ladies considered carolina harrison as one of the more underrated to serve in this role. we'll learn why in this segment of "first ladies: influence and image" and here to tell us more about the story of carolina harrison, our two guests who now the office well. edie mayo, thanks for coming back. and bill seale, white house historian, has spent his professional career understanding the history of that building. bill and edie are both members of c-span's academic advisory committee for this series. we're going to start with an illustration tonight. the white house itself is one of the most iconic buildings in the world. i think -- >> cer
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)